Wilton Cake Pans

For about 10 years I baked and decorated cakes out of my home for people, an have recently injured my back…so can no longer stand for long periods of time to do them. I have hung on to my equipment for a long time, thinking that I would eventually get back to it, but it seems that is not going to happen……so, off it goes.



Going GREEN!!

Today, because i just love the color… I am going to feature a few things green! I have several Designer Handmade Sterling Silver gemstone pendants in my Etsy shop in which the stones are green….so I’m gonna try to list them all right here! Have fun browsing through the wonderful color of green today!
Here is a list of direct links to see JUST my green pendants….Have fun shopping!!














 A Few from my Collection of Economical Pendants and Earrings in Green


Hope you have enjoyed the browsing! Make sure you look me up on Facebook, and become a fan to get all the latest updates to my shop as they happen!


This weekend I went to this little 2nd hand store that sells new and used items, as a not for profit shop. She has had these tubs of fabric sitting there for a couple of months, and every time I am in there I always think, “man that’s nice stuff! Someone should use that!!”, BUT I don’t sew….so I kept leaving it there, and would think about it a lot after leaving……..I decided this weekend that I was gonna buy it all up…or the best parts of it anyways, out of 3 huge tubs she had, I bought 2 full tubs of it, brought it home, and folded it up for packing in to boxes for mailing. I am offering this fabric to anyone out there who loves to sew, but hates the price they have to pay for fabric these days. Even Wal-mart is high on it! I was gonna, at 1 point learn to sew, so that I could make my own curtains for my house….yeah…didn’t work out so well, the sewing machine and I had this little argument, and….you get the rest of the story! It’s just not happening! ( for me anyways!) LOL

At any rate, what I am charging for these boxes of yardage fabric is exactly what I paid for it, plus 5.00 for tape, & gas, + 15.00 for large postal flat rate shipping priority mail box. 30.00 each box (1 box is a little cheaper, the pieces in there are a lot bigger and that’s all that would fit in it), delivered to your door. I’m tellin ya, this is a steal, I have priced fabric…like I said for curtains for my house, and there is just NO WAY you can buy fabric at this price, even with the shipping in there, for what you are getting! I knew when I was buying it in the rolls that it was decent sized pieces…I had NO idea just how nicely sized these pieces were! As I unfolded it, I thought, man….someone could REALLY make some nice stuff outta this! There is one box of nothing but quilting size pieces in it as well, it is clearly labled that in my shop, so you know I am not just throwing a bunch of small little stuff here and there in a box. What you see in the pictures is EXACTLY  what you will get, I took the pics, and packed it in a box, and labled it immediately!

I may not be making a dime off of this deal, but I don’t care, that wasn’t the point, the point was to help out you crafters who love to sew….the ones I envy so much for your talents….

I know it is very hard for me to find good prices on stuff for my jewelry making, and keeping costs down is a huge plus in this economy with what we do in the crafting world, and helping people out is what I like to do! Take advantage of this deal….when they are gone that’s it, they are gone! 5 boxes have alaredy been sold within the first hour I listed them…so I don’t think they will last very long…or at least I hope they wont! (It’s now sitting here in my living room! LOL)

Sidenote: I still have that huge lot of cookie cutters, and candy moolds listed on my facebook fanpage. These could be used for a ton of different things, and the price is right one them!!


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Superior agates launches new referral program!

Superioragates launches referral program!

A brand new week has begun!! Mondays are normally what everyone considers to be the “dreaded” day of the week, not sure exactly why tho. I look forward to them! It means a new week to send out merchandise, a new week to make and create new things, and something to look forward to…..FRIDAYS!!!
Last week I was contacted by someone who wants to start a new website, carrying gifts meant just for cancer survivors, patients, and family members of those people as well. I am very excited to be a part of this wonderful website, when she gets it up and running. I believe there just has to be a cure for this dreadful disease out there somewhere!! At any rate, she wants to feature some of my jewelry pieces on this site! I just cannot wait to see it up and running.
This week I am launching my first referral program! I am so excited about doing this, I cannot even begin to express it!
Here’s the rules: Anyone referring 5 buying customers (spending 20.00 or more) to my Etsy shop will recieve a custom made sterling silver pendant! Simple huh? All they have to do is put your name in the “notes to seller”, and when your name shows up 5 times…YOU get a FREE custom made sterling silver wire wrapped pendant!! Simple as that!

I would like to take a little time to thank a certain someone in the crafting world, for being so diligent and helpful to anyone who wants to participate in the Facebook “linklove” program!
Runwaycrochet has worked very hard to help everyone get linked together, whether it be they have an Etsy shop, Artfire shop, or a website of their own…..this system is working tremendously well for all who join in! So kudos to you! http://www.etsy.com/shop/runwaycrochet!

Don’t forget to stop by the virtual mall I have posted in the discussion page of my Fan page on facebook! There are so many different crafters, of so many different things for you to shop through!

Superioragates Sale!!

Sale on individual sections!


Today I am offering my “economical pendants” section in my shop for 10% off the shown price! There are 66 different gemstone wire wraps in this section to choose from, all are economically wire wrapped in silver or gold plated wire, so you may have beautiful jewelry without paying a big price for it! Just mention it in the message to seller when purchasing! These pedants are already priced at very reasonable rates, so this makes it even that much better!
I am also offering my “Bookmarkers section” at 25% off! These are great gifts for the teachers, and avid book readers in your life. Thes book marks are hand crocheted, and have a small Lake superior agate attached to the ends of them, as well as coming in multiple different colors to choose from! Stop by and check them out as well!
Economical pendants section

Bookmarkers section-

Will be adding more pendants to the Sterling silver section soon!!!

I’ve been featured in another blog!!

This is just so awesome! One of my jewelry pieces has bee featured in another blog this week! Just so exciting…you should go check it out!!


Too, too cool!

Don’t forget about my economical pendants, sterling silver jewelry, beautiful agates, and other gorgeous gems!

Handmade jewlery on Etsy

Hello world!! I don’t blog much, not really even sure what a person should say. BUT, I’m gonna try it, and see what I can come up with.

I first became interested in Lake Superior Agates, it was because I had lost my job….first time in over 20 years I was not employed somewhere. I decided to have a garage sale, and a man came to look around…..long story short, he wanted to know if he could hunt agates in my back yard…..I have a large rock pit! I had no idea what he was talking about, but he showed me, and I have been hooked ever since. I think what intrigues me most is their beauty, and the fact that no 2 are alike. They are all unique, each and every single one is different, which is just amazing. I later learned that they are one of the most sought after gemstones in the rock world of collectors! Well, that’s cool! I can find them right in my back  yard! I started with just tumble polishing the agates, and decided I wanted to make jewelry, so I learned how to wire wrap cabochon stones. I have recently acquired a cabbing machine, and am now making my own cabochons, or cabs, and wrapping them!

Come check out my Esty store…let me know what you think!!


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